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"Effects of a New Ergothioneine / Vitamin D Supplement on Kidney Health and Quality of Life"

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Ergo4HealthTM/Kidney is a patented, natural formulation of mushrooms that contains both L-ergothioneine and Vitamin D2.  A clinical study was conducted to measure the ability of Ergo4Health/Kidney to help maintain kidney health using three well established biomarkers for kidney health: BUN (blood urea nitrogen), eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) and creatinine in volunteers for 90 days. 

Clinical Study Overview

The participants were selected and monitored by a physician for 4 months before the study started to confirm that they had measurable (mild to moderate) kidney dysfunction and no significant diseases – cancer, COPD, cirrhosis, heart failure, etc.   At the beginning of the study, a baseline measurement was taken.  The participants were instructed to take 2 capsules of Ergo4Health/Kidney twice daily.  Biomarker measurements were taken at baseline and 90 days.  If a participant developed a condition that would interfere with the study, the physician dismissed the participant.

A Kidney Health Quality of Life survey developed by the RAND Corporation was filled out by the participants at the start of the study and at 90 days. 

What is L-Ergothioneine?

While L-ergothioneine was discovered over a century ago (1909), only recently has much interest and research been conducted on the mechanism of action and the potential health benefits of this compound.  L-ergothioneine is a master antioxidant found only in food and not created by the body.  Research has shown that L-ergothioneine is found in abundance in cells exposed to the highest amounts of oxidative stress such as the kidney, brain, liver, etc. where it is thought to be most needed.   The mystery was “how does something not created by the body get utilized by the body?”  The mystery was solved by the discovery of a transporter protein for L-ergothioneine, ETT (ergothioneine transporter), which enables ingested L-ergothioneine to be used by the body. 

L-ergothioneine protects cells undergoing oxidative stress in the mitochondria (energy producer of the cell) and the cell nucleus due to its powerful ion scavenger ability and inhibition of free radical generation; ions and free radical generation being contributors to cellular oxidative stress. 

While there are several food sources of L-ergothioneine, mushrooms contain 45 times more L-ergothioneine than other food sources such as eggs, beans, nuts, liver, kidney meats.  Mushrooms also are a good source of Vitamin D2 which is known to be essential for kidney health.

Ergo4Health/Kidney is made from mushrooms (king oyster mushrooms) using a patented method which uses high intensity UV light technology.  This process maximizes the Vitamin D2 levels and maintains high L-ergothioneine levels.  Furthermore, this process provides a convenient, commercially viable supply of L-ergothioneine and Vitamin D2.  Each 500 mg capsule of Ergo4Health/Kidney contains 0.75 milligrams of L-ergothioneine and 1,250 IU of Vitamin D2.

The Importance of Kidney Health

Normal, healthy kidney function is important to rid the body of waste and excess fluid.  The National Kidney Foundation reports that 1 out of 3 adults will develop kidney dysfunction as we grow older, have risk factors (high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of kidney disease for example) or other diseases.  Maintaining healthy kidney function is important to many other body systems such as - blood (red and white blood cells), hormones that regulate blood pressure and the production of Vitamin D needed for strong, healthy bones.

Biomarkers For Kidney Health

eGFR (estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate) is used to measure kidney function.  eGFR is calculated from the blood creatinine test, age, body size and gender.  Normal eGFR for adults is greater than 90 according to the National Kidney Foundation.   When eGFR is low, an increase in eGFR is desired.

Creatinine is a waste byproduct that kidneys filter and excrete.  In this study serum (blood) creatinine was measured.  Creatinine levels alone are indicative of kidney function and are a subset of the eGFR measurement described above.  A lower level of creatinine is desired.

BUN (blood urea nitrogen) measures the amount of nitrogen in blood that comes from the waste product urea.  A BUN test is done to see how well kidneys are working.   If kidneys are not able to normally remove urea from the blood, BUN level increases.  10-20 is considered normal for adults.  If BUN levels are elevated, lower values are desired.


A clinical study amongst participants with impaired kidney function was conducted to monitor the effects on kidney health of a new, all natural supplement, Ergo4Health/Kidney, consisting of a proprietary natural formulation of mushrooms containing both L-ergothioneine and Vitamin D2. 

Participants in this study on average had mild to moderate kidney dysfunction with a mean eGFR of 45.8 at baseline.  An 8% improvement/increase was seen in 90 days which was statistically significant. 

Participants in this study had a mean BUN level of 77.25 at baseline and at 90 days, had a mean BUN level of 57.31 (26% improvement). 

Mean creatinine levels decreased by 5% after 90 days.

A statistical analysis was performed to compare the Quality of Life scores with actual clinical measurements.  There was a high correlation between the Quality of Life responses and the eGFR measurement and a statistically significant correlation to energy/fatigue. 

The results of this 90 day study show promising improvement in kidney health as measured by eGFR, BUN and creatinine, biomarkers that are used to monitor kidney function.


Ergo4HealthTM/Kidney is a registered trademark of Entia Biosciences, Inc.

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