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Studies Show Improvement in Biomarkers

This proprietary supplement made with a patented process, has shown statistically significant results in clinical trials.

As a healthcare professional, you know the signs of kidney disease

You also know the challenges of maintaining health when kidneys are failing. And you know the risk factors—one in three American adults is at risk for kidney dysfunction.

Introducing a unique, dietary supplement that has shown remarkable improvement in a majority of patients with kidney dysfunction over the course of clinical studies.


"This could be an important development in helping patients"

Michael Hermelijn, MD
Medical Director
Bonaire Medical Clinic

The primary ingredient—Ergothioneine—is a master antioxidant

Developed by medical doctors after years of research, this all-natural dietary supplement works at the level of DNA as an intramitochondrial antioxidant. The primary ingredient, Ergothioneine (Ergo), is a necessary, but often overlooked, amino acid that can only be acquired through diet. It’s not manufactured in the human body.

Ergo has a dedicated, genetically encoded transporter, SLC22A43, that has increased expression in the proximal convoluted tubule cells of the kidney, where erythropoietin is produced. Ergo functions within the body as a chelator of heavy metals, a potent anti-inflammatory agent, a potent antioxidant, as well as playing a significant role in cytoprotection.

For patients at risk for kidney dysfunction

Derived from edible mushrooms recognized for their concentration of L-ergothioneine (Ergo) and carefully researched and tested, Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is a Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) dietary supplement to add to the kidney health regimen you recommend.

Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is made from Pleurotus eryngii (king oyster mushroom) using proprietary high intensity UV light technology.

This process maximizes Vitamin D2 levels and maintains high L-ergothioneine content. Each 500 mg capsule of Ergo4Health/Kidney contains 0.75 milligrams of L-ergothioneine and 1,250 IU of Vitamin D2.

Years of research yielded the proprietary and tested formula of Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney. Enhanced D2 from the same source, mushrooms, supports healthy blood. Ergo is a master antioxidant and acts as a cell protectant. The human body does not make this important amino acid—it’s only available through a food source.

Ergo (Ergothioneine) is a naturally occurring amino acid

Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid and is a thiourea derivative of histidine, containing a sulfur atom in the imidazole ring.

This master antioxidant is made in only a few organisms, most notably mushrooms. While L-ergothioneine was discovered over a century ago (1909), only recently has much interest and research been conducted on the mechanism and potential health benefits of L-ergothioneine.

Research has shown L-ergothioneine to be found in high concentrations in cells exposed to oxidative stress. A transporter protein for L-ergothioneine, ETT, has been discovered as the key to enabling ingested L-ergothioneine (ET) to be used by the human body.

Found in cells exposed to the highest oxidative stress

Research has further shown that L-ergothioneine is found in abundance in cells exposed to the highest amounts of oxidative stress such as the kidney, brain, liver, etc. where it is assumed to be most needed.

L-ergothioneine is cytoprotective in that cells undergoing oxidative stress use L-ergothioneine in the mitochondria and cell nucleus due to its powerful ion scavenger ability and inhibition of further free radical generation; ions and free radical generation being contributors to cellular oxidative stress.

Why edible mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a safe food containing the highest concentrations of the essential nutrients L-ergothioneine and vitamin D2. Vitamin D2 content is enriched by Entia Biosciences through a patented, high-intensity UV light process.

While there are several food sources of L-ergothioneine, mushrooms contain 45 times more L-ergothioneine than other food sources such as eggs, beans, nuts, liver, and kidney meats. Mushrooms also are a good source of Vitamin D2, which is known to be essential for kidney health.

Clinical studies provide statistically significant results

Patients diagnosed with kidney dysfunction enrolled in a one-year clinical study received two 500 mg capsules of Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney, twice daily. Patients are evaluated every three months with repeat physical and blood biomarker measurements, as well as with Kidney Disease Quality of Life (KDQOL) questionnaires on a less frequent basis. Standard of care otherwise remained the same.

These studies resulted in statistically significant improvement in levels of blood creatinine and BUN, as well as glomerular filtration rates (eGFR). Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney offers patients a natural food supplement with the potential to maintain the filtration and health status of available functioning renal tissue.

Read the white paper with study details here.

Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney can make a difference for your patients

"The potential for significant improvement in the standard of care ... is possible."

Hector Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Medical Director
Dialysis Center

For patients at risk for kidney dysfunction, this unique dietary supplement, not available anywhere else, can make a difference in their lives.

Improved filtration rates could ease the fatigue and lifestyle limitations resulting from kidney dysfunction. The power of this antioxidant can also maintain current kidney health in all patients at risk for kidney dysfunction.

Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is not a drug

And it’s not a replacement for any treatment you may have prescribed. It can easily be added to any diet and lifestyle changes you have already recommended to patients with kidney disease or those at risk.

Its powerful antioxidant properties help support kidney health and can help your patients feel their best and maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as possible, even if they are at risk for kidney dysfunction.

Patients will order a one-month supply online

Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is only available online from this website. Patients can order from this website and can subscribe to receive regular monthly refills.

The daily dose of Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is two easy-to-swallow 500 mg capsules in the morning and two more in the evening. The product comes in a one month supply of 120 capsules and costs only $59.99 per jar.

Your patients will ask you about this dietary supplement

Your patients will learn about this supplement online through an extensive digital marketing and social media campaign. As a result, your patients might ask you about including Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney in your recommendations for their kidney health, especially if they already have the risk factors of diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney dysfunction.

Learn more about the value of Ergothioneine as a master antioxidant and Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney through these additional studies and articles.

*US 8,337,921 B2; US 8,492,106 B2; and patents pending

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