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1 in 3 adults is at risk for kidney dysfunction. Maintain your kidney health with this all-natural dietary supplement and master antioxidant.

Avoid symptoms of kidney problems, keep your kidneys healthy

When your kidneys aren’t doing their job, you may feel tired or just have less energy than you’re used to. Yet according to the National Kidney Foundation, 90% of people with kidneys that aren't working well don't know they have kidney dysfunction.

Kidney dysfunction can be very subtle, without obvious symptoms, which is why most people who already have kidney dysfunction don't know it.

Keep your kidneys healthy by living a healthy lifestyle—stay active, monitor blood pressure, eat well—and add Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney to your diet and daily routine.

A master antioxidant protects cells from oxidative stress

As a master antioxidant, Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney uses the power of Ergothioneine (Ergo), combined with Vitamin D2 in a proprietary formula, to protect cells where oxidative stress can occur—such as your kidneys. Oxidative stress is often named as a source of kidney dysfunction.


Kidney function is essential to your health

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each is about the size of a fist. Each day, healthy kidneys filter up to 150 quarts of your blood and flush out extra water and waste products through your urine.

This flushing helps keep the composition of your blood stable, which keeps your body functioning in a healthy manner. Your kidneys also keep the body's chemical balance, help control blood pressure, and make hormones.

Doctors check kidney function with these biomarker tests

Doctors have specific tests to check how well your kidneys are working. These include:

eGFR, or estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate. Your eGFR is a number based on your blood test for creatinine, a waste product in your blood. It tells how well your kidneys are functioning.
A higher number shows improvement.

BUN, a Blood Urea Nitrogen test measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood that comes from the waste product urea. Urea is made when protein is broken down by your liver and passed out of your body in your urine.
A lower number shows better kidney function.

Creatinine, a BUN test may be done with a blood creatinine test. The level of creatinine in your blood also tells how well your kidneys are working. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine tests can be used together to find the BUN-to-creatinine ratio (BUN:creatinine).
A lower number shows improvement.

Symptoms of kidney problems:

  • You're more tired, have less energy or are having trouble concentrating.
  • You're having trouble sleeping.
  • You have dry and itchy skin.
  • You feel the need to urinate more often.
  • You're experiencing persistent puffiness around your eyes.
  • Your ankles and feet are swollen.
  • You have a poor appetite.
  • Your muscles are cramping.

Source: The National Kidney Foundation

Clinical studies show improvement in biomarkers

In clinical studies, Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney had statistically significant impact on kidney health, as measured by these biomarkers—more than 3 out of 4 people with kidney dysfunction improved kidney function based on the three standard biomarker tests. Tests were administered by doctors in a clinical study.

When your kidneys are functioning as they should, you’ll feel good, too. Maintain the lifestyle you enjoy without the fatigue and low energy that can happen with kidney dysfunction.


Are your kidneys at risk?

Do you have any of the risk factors for kidney dysfunction?

Fight oxidative stress. Add the powerful antioxidant Ergothioneine and Vitamin D2 to your diet when you take all-natural Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney daily.

Take 2 capsules 2x per day

Ergo4HEALTH™ Kidney is only available online from this website. Developed after years of medical research, it's a clinically tested, proprietary formula you won't find in stores or on another website. If you're concerned about the health of your kidneys, order Ergo4Health todayorder here and subscribe to receive regular refills.

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